Setting the record straight: comments at Cheadle mosque, 2014

I want to take the opportunity to address some questions and comments that have attempted to hinder MEND’s work on the ground and with stakeholder communities by vested interests who try, to different degrees, to criticise our work without paying much attention to what it is we actually do. Last year, I gave a talk

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Muslims will continue having a ‘victim mentality’ for as long as they are victims

Sufyan Gulam Ismail, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, CEO of MEND, www.sufyanismail.com Views expressed in this paper are my own, statistics though are references back to work by relevant bodies eg MEND   This essay is essentially an abridged version of key statistics from MEND’s Muslim manifesto 2015 which can be found at http://mend.org.uk/muslim-manifesto-2015/.  All references for

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Nick Cohen has been known to champion Muslim organisations which have no little or no grass roots support among British Muslims (‘How brave Muslims are being silenced’, The Observer, 4 October). While Mr Cohen has a personal right to support whomever he chooses, it is unbefitting for a national Sunday newspaper to allow for such

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MEND’s response to Andrew Gilligan

Leading up to the 2015 General Election Andrew Gilligan wrote a number of articles in The Telegraph which made reference to MEND and some of its staff. MEND believes his articles were politically motivated containing a series of factually incorrect statements and totally misleading insinuations which grossly misrepresented statements made by MEND staff. We present

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Prime Minister David Cameron delivers a speech to business leaders at a conference in the Old Granada TV Studios in Manchester.

Cameron on Extremism – the good, the bad and the ugly!

With extremism in our midst, David Cameron unveils a 5-year plan, with four planks, to tackle one major extremism threat.     David Cameron’s speech on his 5-year plan to tackle extremism covered a huge amount of ground to say the least.  From parents cancelling children’s passports to Cameron financing his brand of ‘good Muslims’, it was

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